image courtesy of Aria Dean

WILDING Continued: a Conversation with Aria Dean

Too often radical debates become reduced, or settled with representational politics. Without dismissing the severity and damage that the lack of representation means to communities under siege (as we are intimately invested in the stakes of representation here), we’ve increasingly become interested in expanding the horizon beyond representation, canon-interruption, and inclusion.   In The Reorder…

Still from "After Before", Sharon Hayes

Never Mind the Bollocks, Here Comes 2016!

As this year of all kinds of wonders come to a closing, I’m going to try to remember it through a list of things, exhibitions and events with interesting linkages. This list is in no way all inclusive or written from “perfect memory.” This year was full of death and destruction, and I’m not only talking about the…

"Wandering/WILDING: Blackness on the Internet" (2016) Exhibition view. Courtesy Fannie Sosa, niv Acosta + IMT Gallery, London

An Interview with Legacy Russell: Wandering/ WILDING

When the presence of Black bodies is policed, and the movement of racialized bodies surveilled and criminalized, what does a Black flaneur aesthetics look like? Is wandering a derailing from the constrained roles situated by contemporary art? In Mounting Frustration: The Museum in the Age of Black Power, Susan Cahan writes that the professional categories…


We Write Because of You and We Write for You

This space will continue to remain unconditionally committed to the artistic visions of vulnerable communities. Women of color, undocumented persons, marginalized genders, marginalized communities, those living with disabilities, the poor, the refugee, the FOREVER emerging–we write because of you and we write for you.

Art & Colonialism: Renzo Martens Part 1

“Clearing out the way” is a labor that I am committed to. As the emergent requires new geographies, new movements, and unimaginable possibilities. I’ve decided that every few months, I will take the time to deconstruct a piece of “art” I interact with, where the only response I have is: WHY. I will consider this…

photograph courtesy of Gelare Khoshgozaran

The Emotional Is Theoretical

The question of aesthetics is a question of decisions: what makes a maker choose one thing over the other, one topic, material, medium, angle of approach, display, etc. over the many other possibilities. Whether these decisions are structural or “unconscious”, or an attempt to do away with those structures, aesthetic decisions are deeply and inherently…


This Stays Between Us [Part I]

  Huda at the Station Nada Shalaby: An image exists of Huda Shaarawi stepping off the train in 1923, having just returned from Italy. An image exists of her with her arm extending upwards as she looks toward the gathered crowd in the foreground and on the left side of the frame. Her face is…