This project is a twofold:

  • The contempt as a commitment to clearing the horizon for necessary ruptures
  • The forging of communities to build new horizons

Contempt for all declared present creations. Contempt against: discovery. Contempt for: token corners. Contempt against: the propaganda of scarcity.

The contempt for the contemporary is an acknowledgement of the conditions under which we participate as artists, writers, and cultural producers.

We write infelicitously through the framework of uncertain, in-process, ongoing language. We say a word and it becomes something else so we change our minds. We are taught a framework and we see the ways in which it can be exploded so it is tried. Women and Queer–much like racialization will be worked and reworked through the ever-stretched limits of contemptorary art.

contemptorary was born out of the excitement for insightful contextualization, and embodied conceptualization. We map out our world word by word, one picture at a time, bludgeoning the violence of everyday: intellectual or otherwise.

contemptorary was co-founded by Eunsong Kim and Gelare Khoshgozaran in March 2016 to support an archive of queer and women of color artists, and the emerging and alternative perspectives of radical aesthetics. contemptorary was a project supported by the Creative Capital | Andy Warhol Foundation Arts Writers Grant Program in 2016.


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