From October, 2016

photograph courtesy of Gelare Khoshgozaran

The Emotional Is Theoretical

The question of aesthetics is a question of decisions: what makes a maker choose one thing over the other, one topic, material, medium, angle of approach, display, etc. over the many other possibilities. Whether these decisions are structural or “unconscious”, or an attempt to do away with those structures, aesthetic decisions are deeply and inherently…


This Stays Between Us [Part I]

  Huda at the Station Nada Shalaby: An image exists of Huda Shaarawi stepping off the train in 1923, having just returned from Italy. An image exists of her with her arm extending upwards as she looks toward the gathered crowd in the foreground and on the left side of the frame. Her face is…


The Art Of Cleaning And The Tragedy Of Mess

Cleaning people hold the world together, but our labor falls short of the recognition it deserves. Without us, nations, communities, and social orders would fall into complete disrepair. The people who maintain order through maintaining cleanliness are underpaid and undervalued. Janitors, maids, and sanitation workers ensure that the world everyone is used to gets to…